Volunteering started early in life for Nadia from being in the Kindergarten class in grade school to being on the school council in High school. Volunteering is part of Nadia’s whole family. Each of her siblings has been involved in an Executive position either in Tennis, hockey or soccer with 2 siblings still active in Clubs or League in the H&DSA today. Volunteering in soccer in our community came when Nadia’s 1st husband came home from the AGM and said “Well, I got the missing uniform issue sorted…I am on the Executive and they need a are good at typing…right?”

    And so began the first position at Saltfleet Go Ahead Soccer Club. Nadia has held positions of Secretary, Treasurer and now is the Recreational Director of the amalgamated Saltfleet Stoney Creek Soccer Club. Her many duties include not only Youth Recreational with indoor and outdoor seasons along with all the festivals and year end awards days, but includes Adult Recreational and the one most dear to her heart – the Special Needs program.

    When the H&DSA also needed a secretary, Nadia took on that challenge. She has assisted in many seminars, AGM’s and committees (including the dreaded Discipline Committee) and currently holds the Vice President position. Nadia’s greatest adventure was being the main cook and coordinator of guest relations when the H&DSA hosted the U16 Girls National Championships at McMaster. Her current portfolio on the Board is to be part of the MJ Board and the Grass Roots programs.

    Nadia also volunteered in the greater community events such as the Stats committee for the Pan Am games, the Spectator Cup and the Women’s games hosted at Tim Horton’s stadium.

    Nadia’s volunteering requires the support of her family as many family events have to be postponed, planned around or moved due to soccer events.  As Mamma would say…”Soccer again….ok..we change!” Her greatest supporter is her husband, Brian, who states “All I need is 59 minutes a day”

    Two pieces of advice that Nadia always says about volunteering “Do Your BEST and Forget the rest” and “HAVE FUN in everything you do”

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