Mohawk College Mens National Champions 1989TEAM OF DISTINCTION


    Along came 1989/90 and with only nine players returning from previous years teams (9 of 21), the coaches were expecting a rebuilding year. However, as the best player from Durham College, Mauro showed up at try-outs and along with three players he new, and combined with, nine returning players, the Mountaineers were no longer in re-build mode. Paul Fenwick, who was a Canadian National team player at the time, was at the College too, but since Paul was in a heavy academic program, he only started playing at OCAA Championship playoffs.

    Mohawk College’s staff at the time led by Athletic Chairman Roy Hicks, Managers Laurie Cahill and Michelle Harkness and numerous staff members got behind the soccer team and allowed the coaches to coach. There was a tremendous atmosphere around the team.

    The team developed an impenetrable defence marshalled by Mauro Ciampa and Albert Cantarelli, Central defenders, backed by great goalkeeping by Dennis Picollato and John Van Aiken, the midfield general and Captain Bob Pretto was totally driven to make the season a winning one. Strikers Peter Jedryk, Tio Mascia and Mike Wortel gave the team goals and speed up front.

    In the Gold Medal game against Capilano College in the Foothills Stadium in Calgary AB, Mohawk won 2-1. In arctic like conditions, with strong winds, keeper Dennis Picolato made a sensational late game save on a penalty shot. The save prevented the game from going to overtime, and sealed the Gold medal for Mohawk.

    No matter what team, what level of soccer and what sport, the record below will tell you that 1989/90 Mohawk College Mountaineers deserves the Hamilton Hall of Fame induction as the 2018 Team of Distinction. Undefeated in 19 Games

    1989/90 Team Record – Mohawk College Mountaineer’s 1989

    1989 OCAA (West Division) League Standings

    League All Stars               Bob Pretto, Mauro Ciampa and Dennis Picollato – Mohawk College

    1989 OCAA Championship Playoffs (Hillfield/Strathallen, Hamilton, Ontario)

    Gold                                    Mohawk College Mountaineers – Hamilton

    Tournament MVP           Mike Wortel –  Mohawk College

     1989 CCAA Championships (Foothills Stadium, Calgary, Alberta)

    Gold                                    Mohawk College Mountaineers –  Hamilton

    All Canadian                                                   Bob Pretto

    1989 All tournament Team                        Dennis Picollato, Robert Pretto and Albert Cantarelli

    Tournament MVP                                         Peter Jedryk

     1989/90 Record               P             W           L             T             F             A

                                                    19           18           0             1             45           5

    Goalkeepers:     Dennis Picollato, John van Aiken

    Defence:  Mauro Ciampa, Fab Penatta, Paul Fenwick, Wayne Fletcher, Peter Otto, Tim Kyowski

    Midfield:  Bob Pretto, Darren Koerber, Ed Presta, Joaquin Gonzalez, Joe Cvitak, Chris Paroyan, Denis Kompare

    Forwards:  Peter Jedrk, Tio Mascia, Mike Wortel, Joel Lynch, Scott Donnelly.

    Coaches:  John McDonald, Tom Bell (The chief)

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