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    Malcolm Spence was born in 1943 in London England and left for Canada the very day that Hurricane Hazel hit Hamilton, October 5, 1954. Malcolm brought with him a love of team sports. In his teens and twenties he played fullback for the Hamilton Hornets Rugby Football League. After one too many tackles he switched to soccer, initially with the White Caps of the Hamilton District Old Timers Soccer League.

    Despite loving to be a player, Malcolm’s real strength is in the administrative and organizational part of the game. In 1980 Malcolm attended a meeting where the Binbrook Optimists were supporting the startup of soccer in Binbrook. His intention was to get his then 5 year old son in soccer, and came back from the meeting as a coach and member of the Executive, which he continued for many years. From the initial 180 children, what is now Glanbrook soccer, experienced tremendous growth making Malcolm proud to have been a part of it.

    Even after his son left for university and his nephews were coming through the system, Malcolm continued to coach and be part of the Executive. Malcolm always gave his all, so “lesson plans” were part of his coaching repertoire. Some of those early soccer “students” are now playing in the Old-timers League he presides.

    Malcolm has been both a player and an Executive member of the Hamilton and District Old-timers Soccer League for most of its existence, and president for the last 10 years. In that time he has seen the League grow to 1000 players. The league, which plays every Sunday morning during the season, is now the largest old-timer’s league in Canada.

    Since his retirement Malcolm has continued to devote much time in making sure that players have all they need to keep them actively engaged enjoying the sport. He espouses that strict discipline and adherence to the principles of “fair play” will ensure that players and referees return safely to their families and jobs. As an immigrant himself, Malcolm recognizes that for many players, their teammates are both a welcome reminder and a way to integrate into Canadian life.

    The Hamilton and District Old-timers Soccer League have been most fortunate in having Malcolm in the leadership position and deserving of the Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame recognition as a “Builder” of soccer.

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