John Brown was a long time member and Registrar of the Hamilton and District Soccer Association presided for a good part by Jimmy Munroe. In spite of dedicating about 40 years of his life to our sport, little information exists about him.
    We do know that he was married but don’t know if he had children. John was handicapped in either an arm or hand which was often covered by a brown glove and kept raised to his midsection. It is believed that he was a war veteran but not known if he lost the use of his hand/arm as a result of his service. John Brown ran soccer registration out of his Hamilton east mountain home to all hours of the day and night. Players, with passport size pictures, would be greeted at his house by himself or his wife and they would be registered on the spot.
    John Brown, along with Jimmy Munro, Alex Fotheringham and Bill Rutledge, were pretty much the whole administrative faces of soccer in the Hamilton and District area in the1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and even 1980’s. John, along with the others, would always be present at important games, finals, and functions. Lucien Tam of Hamilton Superga who also served with John on the H&D describes him as a gentleman, fair, dedicated, and a man of high standards.
    John is long gone, but his legacy and the sport he served so well lives on.

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