Hamilton Westinghouse 1920’sTeam of Distinction

    In 1897 Westinghouse manufactured it’s first manufacturing operation outside of the United States on Sanford Avenue in Hamilton. In 1903 the Westinghouse operation was incorporated. Sometime after that the Westinghouse soccer team was born, a team that was among the finest in Hamilton and perhaps in Canada leading up to and including 1920. Westinghouse won the Spectator Cup in 1907, 1908, 1909, 1911 and 1912. The first honor won outside of the City of Hamilton came in 1912, when Westinghouse defeated the first team from Stratford, for the Ontario Cup. Four years later Westinghouse was back in the Ontario final that ended with joint winners.
    In 1920, the Electricians won the Ontario Cup, the Spectator Cup, Nelson, Herald and Connaught Cup. In winning Ontario, Westinghouse found themselves face to face with Montreal CPR in a two game total goals scored series. The Railway men won 2-1 in Montreal, but in the return game a week later the Electricians scored 3 goals in the first 20 minutes, all from the boot of Albert “Tiny” Thombs long time star of Hamilton Soccer. The final against Winnipeg Britannia was played September 4th, and ended in a scoreless tie as some 3,500 fans looked on. The replay took place in Toronto where Westinghouse won 2-1 with Billy Gilvear scoring both goals.
    The Westinghouse Players who made history in 1920 included: Albert Coombe, A. McEwan, Tommy Craig, Johnny Ure, D. Burnes, Tommy Gardiner,W. Sinclair, Billy Gilvear, W. Jones, Peter Pascoe, Tommy Pilkington, Albert “Tiny” Thombs, Billy Adair, T, Garside, C.Femie and Joe Newton.
    After 1920 Westinghouse won the Ontario Cup a fourth time in 1925 but then the team faded from sight until the years following World War 2. Once again they became a power in Ontario soccer and reached the national final a second time only to lose to Vancouver North Shore.

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