Hamilton District Oldtimers Soccer League

    The Hamilton & District Old-Timer Soccer League provides competitive soccer for athletes over age 35 throughout the city of Hamilton and surrounding areas. The league has grown from a handful of teams to over 40, with almost 1000 players, playing in 5 divisions, making it one of the largest old-timers soccer leagues in Canada. The various divisions support the players’ need for different levels of skill and competitiveness. The League has been in operation for 40 years and is a member of the Hamilton and District Soccer Association (H&D). It is the mission of the Old-timers Soccer League (OTSL) to provide a positive recreational and competitive soccer experience for players and coaches, emphasizing team commitment, fair play and sportsmanship above winning.

    The League started with a group of players, over the age of 35, who wanted to continue to play recreational soccer regardless of their ages . They set about drafting a Constitution, affiliated themselves with the H&D, and organized games on Sunday mornings at Hillfield College. Their mission was simple, and best quoted from the founders as, “This League was set up for those individuals who want to play this game for fun and recreation. If you cannot follow our simple rules, this League is not for you.”

    The first executive team included people such as, President Steve Kalotinis, John Hakim, John Lico, Guy De Luca, Mike D’ Abreu, Patrick Whitehurst, Andy Ditroi, James Fawcett, Les Lovasz, Cesare Cagnin, Tony Corsini. Aldo DiTullio, John Postrosata, Colin Gibbons, Albert Santucci, Guy D’Angelo and Angelo Magliocco.

    Ten soccer teams participated at the inception … Hungaria S C, HSR Flyers, Greeks S C, Inglis S C, Hispano, U.S.I.C., Spectator Whitecaps, Italia S C, Venetian S C and Mt. Hamilton United S C. Hamilton Hungaria S C won the first League Trophy in 1979, which was presented by a Molson’s Brewery Representative at the Hilltop Restaurant. In 1983, the League added the Challenge Cup at the end of the season.

    This great League is built on the foundation of dedicated people volunteering countless hours. Other past Directors or Executives include, Romolo Furii, Dan Rusic, Bernie Harrington, Stan Hromadka, Tom Zikic, Branko Katic, Elio Borchetta, Sergio Giusti, Rosario Alampi, Jakov Pasalic, Milan Lasica, Gus Tyrosvoutis, Florian Radojewski, George Campanaro, Nigel Warren and Harold Bussey.

    President Malcolm Spence wishes to personally thank all the former and present Directors of the League for a job well done, and for having met the challenge to make this League what it is today. This year’s Executive consists of Domenic Toscani, Greg Doerr, Robert Skaljin, Ivo Zubcic, Dave Edgcumbe, Geza Gabric, Franjo Sunjic, Dan Dolenec, Andy Lisco, and Louise Gabric. Spence wishes to thank the Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame and its Selection Committee for recognizing our Oldtimers Soccer League for this prestigious honour.https://www.oldtimerssoccerleague.com/

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