Gunther Wolfgang Schneider was born on January 14, 1933 in Karlshrue Germany and passed away on August 15th, 2013 in Hamilton. He immigrated to Canada in 1956 and got involved coaching Saltfleet Go-Ahead.

    We thank Roland Schneider and Bruce Black, for much of the information supplied, about their dads Gunther and Bill Black. They recounted how their dads were best of friends and worked as a unit in the coaching and managing of soccer teams.

    After leaving Saltfleet, Gunther coached other teams such as Legion 163 Alemannia and S.C. Alemannia. His wife Karin often worked side by side with her husband and served as convener. He was on the Board of Directors of the Germania Club in Hamilton through the years, holding several positions.

    Gunther and Karin had 3 boys, Gunther Jr., Ralph and Roland and all 3 played soccer. Gunther Jr. was on the 1977 Saltfleet Go-Ahead team that won the North American Championship. In his later years Mr. Schneider earned a reputation as a tough but fair referee of the Hamilton and District Soccer Association.

    Gunther’s Alemannia participated in 2 tours in Germany, in 1978 and 1987 and one in England and Scotland in 1977. He also took them to Miami for the 1979 Orange Bowl Tournament, and to Pittsburgh for the Allegheny 80 Tournament winning both. Gunther worked at Taylor Steel, Robertson Steel, and Stelco as a hall master driver, driving the big coils of steel

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