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    Gerry Shaw was born in Zambia Africa in 1949 then moved with his family to the UK in 1957.  Gerry played junior soccer in the Liverpool area with St. Joseph’s Soccer club for 10 years winning league cups.  At 18 years of age he played in the men’s Cheshire League for Poulton Vics

    He immigrated to Toronto in 1971 where he played soccer for 7 years.  He first played with the Toronto Emeralds in the T & D Premier League, and then Toronto Melita in the NSL for 2 years.  He then played with Toronto Roseta and San Fili in the T & D Premier league.  In 1977 he went to Toronto Hakoah in the T & D league, winning the League Cup and Ontario Cup, and played Vancouver Whitecaps in the National Final losing 2-1 in St. Johns Newfoundland.  He returned to San Fili and in 1980 played for the Buffalo Blazers in the NSL.

    In 1981-82 he played for the Hamilton Steelers and won the League, League Cup and Playoffs. In 1983 he played for Dundas United in the H & D.  In 1984, when John McDonald retired, Gerry was the player/coach for Dundas United winning  the League,  Spectator Cup, Ontario Cup, the Eastern Canadian Cup, and lost 1-0 to Victoria West in the National Final in Victoria B.C.

    In 1986-87 Gerry coached Hamilton Gizio in the H & D winning the Spec Cup.  In 1988 he became Head Coach for the Hamilton Sparta, coaching the Men’s Team in the H & D and over-seeing all the Sparta girls and boys teams.  In 1991 he coached the excellent U14 Girls Team in the OSL and won the Ontario Cup.  Gerry was also an assistant coach to Jim Sinclair for the McMaster Men’s Team.

    After coaching with John Gibson at Mohawk College for a few seasons, Gerry took a coaching job with the OSA.  In 1991-92 he assisted Bob Munro with the U14 Boys Team.  The Boys and Girls teams were taken to Cuba, Trinidad and the USA.   In 1992 the U15 Boys won the National Final at McMaster University.  In 1993 he coached the U16 Girls Team but lost in the final.  Starting in 1994 he played in the H & D Old Timers for 6 years.

    In 2001 Gerry coached the U16 OSA Girls Team that won the Nationals in Prince George B.C.  In 2002-06 he played Old Timers H & D.  In 2010-16 he played Old Timers Burlington.  In 2015 he became Director of Player Development for H & D.  Also in 2015 he became head coach of Saugeen Shores United Soccer Club Port Elgin, Ontario.

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