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    Cliff  Marshall was born in England in 1921. He eventually immigrated to Hamilton with his wife Ethel and 3 children and settled on West 34th street on the Hamilton mountain. Their modest one floor bungalow was to become the original meeting hall, storage and registration location for the MHYSC.

    Cliff was an avid soccer fan and supported many clubs back home in England. Upon a return trip from England in 1964, Cliff began his quest to ensure that the beautiful game was made available to the youth in the area. He started the Lynden Park Soccer Club, originally with 2 teams with children of various ages predominantly from the Lynden Park Church. For the first time in this area nets, proper balls and coaching was available. As neighborhood kids began to notice and word spread, the league grew in leaps and bounds, playing in both Macassa Lodge and Hill Park School.

    In the mid 1960’s Cliff also arranged teams from a nearby Chicago suburb (Palatine Celtic Soccer Club) to play here in Hamilton. Originally only boys made the trip but soon Cliff added girls to the group thus making soccer inclusive to all. The trip to Chicago continued every other year for approximately 30 years. Cliff is the founder of MHYSC and served as president of both Lynden Park and MHYSC from 1964-1977.

    Today MHYSC is one of the largest clubs in the city of Hamilton. Cliffs original 2 teams expanded to over 200 and approximately 3,000 youth. The MHYSC honours Cliff Marshall every year since 2002 with the annual Cliff Marshall Memorial Tournament. Tens of thousands of children have participated in this tournament is a tribute for all his dedicated work for children in the Hamilton mountain community

    Cliff Marshall 1921 – 2002

    “We do this for the kids”

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