Cardinal Newman Men’s Soccer ProgramHIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM

    In 1977, the first soccer team of Cardinal Newman began its’ storied success. Started by coach, Ron Kelly, the team was comprised of players up to grade 11 that went on to win the OFSSA Bronze medal with only one loss the entire season. The following year the team won the provincial championship.  In 1979 the school won its’ third city championship in as many years and had another outstanding season in reaching the provincial semi-finals. By the time coach, Kelly retired in 1982 the team had a silver OFSSA medal to add to their accomplishments with only one regular season loss in six years.

    In 1983 the team was handed over to Marc Kovacs who had moved up from the junior boys’ team after five undefeated seasons. He teamed up with Carmen Dalia as the pair coached together until 1990. During this span and into the 1991 season when Dalia came out of retirement, the team infamously known as the “CN Express” went on to seven consecutive league championships which also produced another three provincial titles. By 2014 the team had expanded that total to 34 appearances in their 38 year history.

    The 2009 season opened with a new coach, Gerry Moretuzzo who carried out the assignment with passion. Along the way, CN Express may be considered one of the most successful high school programs in the province. They have beaten over 130 different high schools and club teams including 21 previous OFSSA champions. Currently the team has won 14 city and regional championships and 10 OFSSA medals.

    Not to be overlooked, the junior boys’ soccer program has also had an incredible run under the coaching of Frank Rizzuti and Vincent Rizzotto that has produced 14 league championships in the last 16 years. As they provide the root system for the success of the CN Express, the intent of these fine players is to continue the proud tradition of Cardinal Newman soccer excellence.

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